Compit Phone Holder for E-Bikes
COMPIT Phone Holder for E-Bikes - Holder
COMPIT Phone Holder for E-Bikes - Holder
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COMPIT Phone Holder for E-Bikes - Holder

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The SKS COMPIT System is an amazing way to securely carry (and even charge) your phone while riding. To create your customer COMPIT system: 1) Choose a HOLDER (bike attachment), 2) Choose a PHONE MOUNT, 3) Choose optional ACCESSORIES to make the most of your COMPIT system.

The COMPIT Phone Holder for E-bikes was especially designed for Bosch Intuvia/Nyon displays. The holder has been adapted so the smart phone and board computer form a closed unit on the handlebar. System fits all conventional handlebars and holds your smartphone safely and securely, even in rough terrain. The holder is a part of the COMPIT System. With a twist, you can affix your smartphone to the bayonet. Light Adapter is included.

  • Allows smartphone to position horizontally or vertically.
  • Allows phone angle to be adjusted to desired position.
  • Compatibility Notes: Fits 22.2-31.8mm diameter bars.
  • Cable for Ebike Power Supply (11547) can be used to upgrade the holder to a recharging station from the Bosch display.

This e-bike holder is a pre-2022 model and is discontinued.