Compit Anywhere
Compit Anywhere
Compit Anywhere
Compit Anywhere
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Compit Anywhere

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The SKS COMPIT System is an amazing way to securely carry (and even charge) your phone while riding. To create your customer COMPIT system: 1) Choose a HOLDER (bike attachment), 2) Choose a PHONE MOUNT, 3) Choose optional ACCESSORIES to make the most of your COMPIT system.

Compit Anywhere offers a simple, fast, and universal solution for every ride you want to bring your phone along for. Featuring a robust hook and loop system as well as two locking rings, the Compit Anywhere can be securely fastened to your handlebar, stem, or top tube. The 300mm hook and loop strap is long enough to fit multiple locations on most any bike set up. The system also features a unique tilting function so that you can adjust your phone out of the shadows or get rid of a sunny reflection while you ride.

Purchase the appropriate phone case or universal phone cover adapter to quickly lock in your phone using a simple quarter turn method. A finger tab on the bottom side unlocks the unit, so you can quickly take your phone off the bike and with you wherever you are headed after your ride.

  • Weight: 49g
  • Strap length: 300mm
  • Phone case/universal cover adapter are not included. Please find the appropriate phone case, or purchase our universal cover adapter separately.
  • Made in Germany