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Choose the right fender guide.
Option 1:  Shop Quick Release Fenders

Not Permanent - can be easily removed and installed.

Mounts to your seatpost, frame or fork with a clip-on or strap.

Option 2:  Shop Bolt On Fenders

Permanently affixed fender.

Uses fender mounts on frame. (If no fender mounts, purchase frame and fork clamps - or select a quick release fender.)

TIP: Check Fender Profile Width
Measure width where the tire passes through the frame to be extra-sure the fender profile will fit.

Step 2: Select Wheel Size

Wheel size varies by bike type. (Common Widths: 700c, 29”, 28”, 27.5”, 26”, 24" and 20")

Road bikes and urban bikes with narrower tires are normally called 700c and Mountain bikes are called 29" (29er) or 27.5" or 26".  Often, this is noted on your tire’s sidewall. Sometimes you will see one set of sizing numbers on a tire, or two or event three. As long as your tire numbers match our fender guide you will buy the right fender.

Step 3: Select Tire Width

The tire width is just to the right of the wheel size.

The size and width is normally imprinted or embossed on the side wall of the tire